Charles (Elliot) Wilson or Governor Charles Wilson is one of the major antagonists in the New Terra universe. Despite being one of the most powerful living creature on Terra, he is consider the most impredictible and dangerous one. 


Early Life

Charlie was born in 1976 in the states of Arkansas in the United States. He went to school by the age of 5 and quickly understand every principles and notions. He used to love education and did study a lot in his young age. He always been attracted by some inexplicable natural phenomenon, the strange and mysterious powers that englobe the world.

By the age of 14, he was considered one of the most successful students of the United States. 

At the age of 17, the war for the world has begun, while being in the university. He did flew with his family to the north for escaping the explosion of every major city. 

With the dissolution of the United States becoming the New United Nations, the peace for the world was brought back and Charlie could continue his university program by the age of 21.

Red Star Patriot Era

At the age of 25, the Red Star Patriot group take over the New Valley County marching to the city of Utopia. Charlie got enrolled has a master strategist and be in charge of humans relations with the enemy side. They successfully besieged Utopia and making it into a pile of crumbles thus conquering the new government.

In Quest For New Power

After making his name in the rebellion, the new government got interested in his intellectual capabilities and wanted him to conduct a number of experiences with the new mutant formula extracted from Treunium ore. He did create a number of notable mutants, like Annihilator and the Unknown Soldier.

Wanting to reach superhuman capabilities, he tried to inject himself with an improved mutant formula, thus without success. It was at that very moment he began to suffer from mental illness, thus not very powerful at the time.

Saddened by his failure, he did a lot of research to perfect the new made formula. Achieving it to become in a stable state, he made two experiment to try it out, giving OverPower and General Turask their powers. Impressed by his regeneration factor in his new formula, he did once more some research to repair his damage brain cells by his previous experiment. 

Charlie comes out with his final formula and tried out immediately. The effect of the formula gives him supernatural power like controlling the minds of the mutants (humans later). Sadly, his formula didn't cure his mental illness, thus it aggravated.

Becoming Governor

War Agaisnt The Heroes Alliances



Forming A New Villain Group

Group Defeats And Aggravated Mental Illness


Stats (10)
Power Speed Reflex Fighting Skills Endurance Intelligence Effectiveness
11+ 4 9 5 4 10 11+
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